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Queek's Race in Outer Space

Written & Illustrated by Carrie Mortleman
Queek kids book colouring page

3D book character pop-out Card Craft

Shopping List:
White cardboard (180gsm will pass through most printers), Scissors, Glue, Metallic paper, Googly eyes, Coloured Card, Foam / Sponge

Click the image for a printable A4 template
Print on a colour printer
Cut out templates with scissors
Stick on 2 x googly eyes
Stick on the hat (cut from shiny metallic paper)
Cut and fold the coloured card to make the card base
Cut a rectangle of sponge to make it 3D
Glue sponge to card, glue Hellie / Queek to the sponge

DIY Wrapping Paper

Shopping List:
Butcher's paper (cream or white), Buttons, Paint, Paintbrush, Glitter glue, Scissors

Cut butcher's paper to desired size
Paint buttons
Use painted buttons as a stamp and stamp designs on your paper in different colours
Decorate with glitter glue

Queek kids book colouring page
Queek kids book colouring page

Free Printable Colouring Page

Click the picture to download a free printable A4 colouring in page from Queek's Race in Outer Space.

The scene where Hellie & Queek meet the King of the Aliens and give him a gift of chocolate stars from the Milky Way.